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Limescale and grease in the kitchen

Products by durgol remove grease and dirt in your kitchen rapidly and thoroughly.


Work surfaces and cooker (glass ceramic or conventional)


It takes more than just water to clean away germs and bacteria. We recommend durgol kitchen cleaner, the easy and sanitary way to clean up dirt and grime.

For hobs, we recommend a powerful grease-fighting kitchen cleaner like durgol kitchen cleaner. The kitchen cleaner makes it easy to clean your hob and restore its brilliant shine.


Sinks, fixtures and taps


The sink is the most frequently used part of the kitchen. So it should be cleaned regularly. This is very easy with durgol kitchen cleaner.


Filter coffee machines


Filter coffee machines should also be descaled regularly for top quality coffee. The best solution is a descaler like durgol universal. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and then rinse thoroughly with water.




Keeping appliances free of limescale is a really easy way to save energy. After all, limescale is not just unsightly – it also uses a lot of energy because those stubborn deposits prevent water from heating up quickly. durgol universal is ideal for cleaning your kettle. Descalers can also be diluted with water.


Pots, pans and vases


To remove unsightly limescale from pots, pans and vases, the ideal solution is a descaler like durgol universal. Add descaler to the pot or pan (directly or diluted 1:1 with water), allow ample time to act and then rinse thoroughly.


Tap filter


A powerful stream of water makes it easier to wash up. That’s why you should regularly descale your tap filter, and a professional descaler is the best way to do it. Simply unscrew the filter and soak it in a cup of durgol universal, then rinse thoroughly.