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Limescale facts

Everything you need to know about limescale and descalers can be found here.

What is limescale and how does it form?

Lime (in chemical terms, calcium carbonate) was formed 600 million years ago from deposits composed of marine organisms. Limestone mountains later formed from these sedimentary deposits. Hard water occurs when rainwater seeps through calciferous rock strata and is enriched with calcium carbonate. This hard water enters our households as tap water. When hard water is heated or allowed to evaporate, limescale forms.


Hard water is a widespread phenomenon. This water is perfectly safe to drink, but it can damage household equipment and appliances.

You can check your water hardness on the website of your kommun.


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Why is descaling important?

Lime is important for us humans...

Lime in general is not bad. In fact, it is even healthy for us humans, because it contains calcium that promotes bone formation, for instance. This is why hard water is good for the human body.

Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect on our household goods...

  • Hard water leaves behind unsightly limescale when the water evaporates or is heated up.
  • Limescale deposits in appliances interfere with heat transfer, resulting in increased energy consumption.
  • Limescale promotes the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria.
  • Limescale can impede the functioning of appliances, such as kettles and coffee machines, and shorten their service life.

What is more effective - durgol or household products?

durgol has clear advantages over household remedies like citric acid or vinegar, which are not recommended for a gentle and effective descaling of appliances. Compared with professional descalers like durgol, household remedies are less effective and usually do not get rid of limescale completely.

  • Products containing citric acid can form an insoluble sediment that ultimately leads to problems with the descaled appliance.
  • Products containing vinegar dissolve softening agents in plastics, particularly seals, making them brittle. They also leave an unpleasant taste.

Direct comparison of durgol vs. household productsr