durgol universal

A versatile and fast descaling agent

Durgol universal (rapid descaler) removes limescale from any household appliance easily and quickly. Use durgol to descale your kettle or tap filter (jet regulator) for a fast and powerful effect. The formula guarantees a gentle, food-safe descaling process.


Overview of benefits

1. Dissolves limescale fast and thoroughly

durgol universal dissolves limescale seven times faster than vinegar or citric acid; it has excellent descaling properties (750ml of durgol universal can dissolve approx. 40g of limescale).

2. Non-destructive, non-hazardous

durgol universal contains effective anti-corrosion agents to protect your appliances. The product is non-hazardous (as per CLP specifications).

3. Food-safe and easy to use

durgol universal is odorless, it does not generate steam and it does not leave chemical residue after descaling and rinsing.

                                      Suitable for


kettles, filter coffee machines, saucepans, frying pans, shower heads, nozzles, tap filters (jet regulators), fittings, vases, toothbrush glasses, baby bottles, sinks, chrome steel troughs, aquariums, etc.


Important information:

When descaling household appliances, always read the manufacturer’s instructions in the appliance’s operating manual.

With metal, durgol universal must be used cold.

Do not combine with other cleaning products.

After the descaling process, rinse the appliance with cold tap water and dry any metal parts.

Use only on undamaged, acid-resistant materials.


Metal, plastic and glass containers

Examples: kettles, saucepans, vases, toothbrush glasses, baby bottles, etc.

Depending on the quantity of residual limescale, fill the container with diluted or undiluted durgol universal so that it covers the limescale completely. Leave to act for up to an hour. If the solution stops generating foam, but visible limescale is still left, the active substance is used up and you should add more durgol universal. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse the container with cold water.


Smaller objects

Examples: tap filters (jet regulators), shower heads, nozzles, etc.

If possible, detach the parts and place them in diluted or undiluted durgol universal for approximately 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and dry any metal parts.


Surfaces and fittings

Examples: sinks, chrome steel troughs, fittings, aquariums, etc.

Soak a cloth in durgol universal and remove all limescale residue. Rinse with cold water and wipe dry.

For cleaning surfaces, we recommend durgol bathroom descaler and durgol kitchen cleaner, which are produced using a special formula that ensures the right consistency for this purpose.


Filter coffee machines

Pour 1-2 cups (1 cup = 150ml) of durgol universal into the water tank and dilute with tap water. Let the solution run through the machine twice. Afterwards, run two cycles with just tap water.

A brief introduction to durgol universal

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As per (EC) No. 648/2004 - Annex VII - Section D